Change a life… Be a foster parent

Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in fostering. Fosters homes are truly the heart of our program. Please click the link below to get started today.

Fostering Cats or Kittens

Our “Cat Colony” consists of a dedicated group of people with many years of experience in fostering and placing cats. We need foster homes for everything from newborn kittens to rowdy teenagers to loving senior cats. Because we often take in special needs cats, foster homes who can isolate a cat during recovery from an illness or injury are always in high demand, but there is plenty of room for kitties who can come in, get their veterinary checks complete, and move right out to adoptions! Visit our Adopt-a-Purr page for our upcoming events. To get started fostering cats, please email or complete the foster application.

Fostering Dogs or Puppies

Join the “Dog Pack”! Local dog fosters take dogs into their homes and usually keep them until they are adopted. Our dog foster team loves dogs of all shapes and sizes… whether you have room for a 5lb. Chihuahua or a 150lb. Mastiff, we can find the right dog to fit in your home! Puppy fosters are always needed since unfortunately not everyone has gotten the word about spay/neuter, and we take in plenty of seniors if that is more your speed… as well as everything in between. Our dog foster team has decades of experience to provide you with support on medical, behavioral, and basic training issues for foster dogs. Our dog fosters are encouraged to stay in touch with and often run into their former foster dogs at events, dog parks, and local pet supply stores – we love those updates and there is no better advocate for rescue animals than someone who’s adopted one! Visit our Adopt-a-Pet page for our upcoming events. To learn more, email or complete the foster application.

About Fostering

At Humane Tomorrow, we offer several options for fostering. When you think of a humane society, you may think of a shelter where dogs and cats are housed until they are adopted. However, many rescue groups, including Humane Tomorrow, do not have a shelter and instead operate using a foster program. Foster families take dogs and cats into their homes and care for them until a forever home is found, and they are one of our most critical volunteer needs. During their stay in foster homes, we learn about their personalities, habits, and quirks so that we are able to tell potential adopters a lot about them, as well as match them to the best home possible for both the animal and the adopter.

Because we can only save as many animals as we have foster homes for, our fosters homes are the heart of our program! We provide as much support as possible to our foster homes, including behavioral guidance from local trainers, support from other fosters, donated food and supplies when available, and we will always provide a crate if requested.

Animals are admitted to the program by our Foster/Intake Coordinators, who place them in available and appropriate foster homes. If a foster animal is not working out in a foster home, the Foster Coordinators work to find a more suitable place for him/her. Humane Tomorrow provides for all medical care and foster home typically provide food for their foster animals.