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Has your cat started to act differently? Did you add a new pet to the family and your cats aren’t getting along? Is your cat urinating outside of the litter-box? Many times cats end up in shelters due to behavioral problems that can be easily addressed.

If your cat has started to behave differently, especially if they are urinating or defecating outside of the litter-box, we encourage you to visit your veterinarian first. Behavioral changes can be indicators of health problems. If you have taken this critical step, or you have added a new cat to your family and need to learn the tricks to make your household happy, then we encourage you to check out the great resources below or send an email to goodkitty@humanetomorrow.org.

ASPCA Cat Care Tips – Covering numerous topics including travel, nutrition, grooming, and seasonal advice, this will give you a wealth of information.

ASPCA Virtual Behaviorist – The vast majority of behavior problems, and what you can do about them, can be found here. So many behaviors can be addressed with some effort on the part of the owner. Consistent, positive methods are also key.

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