Here’s to happy reunions

Lost Pets

If you haven’t lost a pet yet, please make sure it is easy to reunite you and your pet. Make sure your pet has a collar with tags and a current phone number on, and microchip your pet. Holidays, especially those with fireworks, are a dangerous time. Please make sure your pet is secure indoors to avoid them becoming scared and running away.


Microchipping increases the likelihood of a pet being reunited with a family by 200% based on a study by HomeAgain.

If you have lost a pet, here are some resources to help get your pet home safely.

Post signs in the area the pet was last seen. Make sure your sign is easy to read, and has contact information. Post signs at area veterinarian offices as well.

Notify the area animal shelters and rescue groups. Provide a description and a photo if possible. Make sure to include surrounding cities, as pets can travel many miles. Check your local municipal shelters DAILY. Some shelters do not have the resources to cross-match incoming animals with lost animal reports. If you are in Flower Mound, please notify the following shelters:
Flower Mound- 972-874-6390
Lewisville – 972-219-3478
Highland Village – 972-899-5092.

There are lost pet searchers who will try to locate your pet for a fee. You can search online to find providers in your area.

Petfinder provides some great MUST DOs if you have lost your cat or dog.

You can email us information on a missing pet to, or via Facebook. Please include when the animal was missing, where it was last seen, and any other descriptors. Please also indicate if we have permission to share the pet’s info on our facebook page. Please note that we DO NOT take in strays.

Found Pets

If you have found an animal, thanks for stepping in to help! Do not endanger yourself trying to pick up an animal. If you are unsure of the animals’ demeanor, contact animal control where you last saw the animal. We often get people who don’t want to take an animal to a “kill” shelter. Animal control officers are not the bad guys – they do the job they have to do because of irresponsible pet owners. Shelters are usually the first place people look when they have lost an animal. So the first step is to notify animal services in the city the animal was found in. You should also notify surrounding cities as well, in case the animal has wandered

Often when pets are found they will appear to be neglected. It doesn’t take long for a pampered pet to appear neglected, malnourished, or abused. Don’t make a decision to not give a family the chance to find their pet based on the animal’s appearance.

if you have found a pet:

  • Check for tags, and call the family or vet if you find a phone number
  • Notify animal control in your city or take the animal to the shelter
  • Get the pet scanned for a microchip
  • Post signs with basic information. Ask anyone who contacts you to provide information on identifying marks.
  • If you do hold on to the pet after notifying the shelter, keep them isolated from your pets until the animal is examined.
  • You can email us photos and information on the found pet to Please make sure you include the date and location the animal was found.